State of the news media 2011

In case you missed it, the Project for Excellence in Journalism released its State of the news media report for 2011. This is the eighth year PEJ has done such a report. The headlines this year are: Nearly half of Americans get their news on a mobile device and online news has moved ahead of print as a source of news for most Americans (TV news is still number 1). There are plenty of other interesting points in the report, including who owns which media and a report on the financial health of the news media. One thing I found particularly interesting is that radio listening may be affected by Toyota’s deal to put Pandora in its new cars (other auto makers may follow). You should at least read the report’s overview.


One response to “State of the news media 2011

  1. As far as I can tell, the best case scenario would be a two steps forward, two steps back kind of deal. It is heartening to see job creation, less pleasant to read that more is being asked of less qualified journalists in these jobs. It does look like print students who speak Hindi, Bengali, or Arabic could be in good shape though.

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