Week 6 (February 14)

Group 1 (Jessica, Andrew, Tawny, and Megan) led our discussion on truth and journalism. Here are their slides:

Here are links for items to which the group referred:

Journalists vs. Bloggers

Crowdsourcing the news: Should the same rules apply?

What is truth: Journalism demands judgment

Properly representing other points of view

Truth Vigilantes

The role of the press is to answer “Where is the good stuff.”

Kyle at the Lakers parade

The Pentagon Papers: New York Times coverage and the recent public release of the previously classified documents.

Watergate: the Woodward and Bernstein papers are now held at the University of Texas.

Here is group 1’s handout:


Group 2 (Allison, Kaylee and Kimbra) led our discussion on loyalty and journalism. Here are the slides they used:

One of the videos highlighted in these slides can be found here:

The group also referenced Kevin Sites’ work and website and provided this handout:


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