I goofed!

My apologies to everyone (but particularly to Groups 1 & 2). In my haste I gave you the wrong blogging rubric, causing a certain amount of panic. The correct rubric does not have a dimension for tweeting. The correct one can be found here:

Again, sorry for the goof!


Extra credit opportunity

Toronto Star photo

If you are able to attend a lecture on Wednesday, February 29 at 3:00 p.m. in the HBLL auditorium and will blog about it, you can receive extra credit.

The lecture is by Luis Najera, a Mexican journalist who fled to Canada because his life was in danger for covering the drug cartel. Mr. Najera is a member of the LDS Church and has a very compelling story.

Just print out a copy of your blog entry (as always, don’t forget to put your name on it) and bring it to class next time.

Fine print: Blog entries submitted after next class period will not be given extra credit. Extra points will be applied to the class participation section (in other words, to take the place of a quiz score). If you can’t attend this lecture, don’t worry; there will be other opportunities.

Week 8 (February 28)

Group 4 (Lauren, Taylor,  and Christie) led our discussion on verification. Here are their slides:

Here is group 4’s handout:

Group 3 (Madi, Sarah, Megan, and Trevor) led our discussion on professionalism. Here are their slides:

Here is their handout:

Here are the videos referenced:

Here are they other links referenced in the discussion:

Week 7 (February 21)

No class was held on this date, as the University designated it a Monday instruction day.

We’ve made several references to the movie about Edward R. Murrow, “Good Night and Good Luck.” Here is the movie’s depiction of the speech Murrow gave at RTNDA:

Week 6 (February 14)

Group 1 (Jessica, Andrew, Tawny, and Megan) led our discussion on truth and journalism. Here are their slides:

Here are links for items to which the group referred:

Journalists vs. Bloggers

Crowdsourcing the news: Should the same rules apply?

What is truth: Journalism demands judgment

Properly representing other points of view

Truth Vigilantes

The role of the press is to answer “Where is the good stuff.”

Kyle at the Lakers parade

The Pentagon Papers: New York Times coverage and the recent public release of the previously classified documents.

Watergate: the Woodward and Bernstein papers are now held at the University of Texas.

Here is group 1’s handout:


Group 2 (Allison, Kaylee and Kimbra) led our discussion on loyalty and journalism. Here are the slides they used:

One of the videos highlighted in these slides can be found here:

The group also referenced Kevin Sites’ work and website and provided this handout:

Group assignment checklist

Here is the checklist of things groups and group members need to complete for the group presentation assignments.

Week 5 (February 7)

During this class period we watched the film “Stop the Presses: The American Newspaper in crisis.

If you were not able to be in class you can see the film in the HBLL.

Another film we’ve referenced in class is Page One, an award-winning documentary that premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. It focuses on the New York Times.